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Creative Possibilities

Let Ginger Tell Your Story at Portrait Stories… As a storyteller in photography and filmmaking, Ginger understands the importance of your headshot. I focus deeply on fulfilling what truly matters to you artistically, creatively, financially, and on the legacy, you want to create.

Headshot photography for actors, actresses, models, celebrities, personalities, athletes, musicians, business professionals and etc!

Creative Possibilities:

We work together to create a portrait story of your dreams. Your vision through my lens is the ultimate goal to create your photography as ART. As a work of art, I will design your wall display. Whether you prefer formal or informal, classical, contemporary, whimsical or realistic style, I will capture the look. I have over twenty years of experience in setting the stage to create a timeless result.



Master Photographer and Artist, Ginger McNamara or another team member may be involved in the initial consultation. This is an enjoyable time. At the conclusion, an appointment is set for your photo shoot. The deposit applies toward portrait session.



An optional visit to your home can be scheduled for the pre-shoot conference. Plus, it will benefit in pre-planning the design, color scheme, and portrait art wall grouping in your home.



Approximately one week following your photo shoot, you will be invited to come to view the images. It’s a show where YOU are the STAR! This experience is a wonderful phase of your portrait creation. Please note, it is vitally important that all parties that have a final role in the decision-making process be present to help you make selections. During this process, we consider everything pertaining to the final order. Due to the custom work of art, full payment of your investment is required to process your order.



Voila! You come to pick up your finished artwork. Now is also the perfect time make the frame selection! A custom handcrafted frame will be made to order and often ready when your magnificent portrait is delivered.


Thank You!


Contact me for your consultation at 251-508-5313. I'm looking forward to chatting with you soon!